The love i will never have

Life is not certain.
I mean whenever you think that you have found the person you always dreamed of, you always wanted, turns out you are not right after all. Suddenly your whole world falls apart, you don’t know what to do! You feel like killing yourself. I have been to this situations three times. The first time, it wasn’t that hard to overcome, second and third time were pretty difficult for me. Though, the second time was love without meeting at all. But, I truly loved her. People say you will get over it, you will be fine, you will be okay. I try to believe that, I mean I know I will be okay, I will be fine, but suddenly out of nowhere those memories come out and make me again suicidal. I don’t know how to deal with this problem anymore. I have been in Turkey for 6 months. Yes, I am from Bangladesh. But I came here to see the person I loved the most, wanted the most and trusted the most.  My father wanted me to be somewhere else rather than being in Turkey. But I always loved Turkey (and I will always love). But a year ago she suddenly wanted to break up. That decision came suddenly, I didn’t know what to do! All I knew I didn’t want to lose her.  (cont.)

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