AIESEC Turkiye! All you need to know about!

AIESEC Trabzon

Learn about AIESEC VISA process!

If you are Bangladeshi, and you want to have a wonderful experience in Turkey, all you need to do is find some projects on and apply.

AIESEC Trabzon
In my case, that was “Meet My World” in Trabzon (It’s a wonderful city in Turkey).
When I applied, within an hour the project president Ali emailed me for an interview.
I was so excited about the interview. I just wanted to do my best.

Ali asked me a few questions:
1. Why did you choose this project?
2. What are the three weaknesses and strengths of yours?
3. Did you have any past job or volunteering experiences?
4. What did I study before?
5. Why Turkey? Why Trabzon? ( If you know Turkish or interested in Turkish culture or Tradition that would be a plus point)

Luckily, I passed all the points. Ali told me that from the first moment he chose me for the project. I got accepted within an hour again! All I left to do is arranging all the pre-documents for the VISA process.
So AIESEC Trabzon already sent me the invitation letter. I had my passport ready. Before applying for a VISA you must have a 6 months validity period.
AIESEC Trabzon friends

The required documents.
1. Valid Passport ( At least valid for 6 months)
2. Invitation letter from AIESEC. You should ask for it. They will scan and send you.
3. Bank statements and Bank solvency ( Original copies signed by the Bank Authority) If your father or mother is sponsoring your visit you must add a sponsorship letter with a photocopy of your parent’s National ID and Your’s.
4. Booked air ticket with a return. Book on CheapOair
5. 2 passport size (2×2) Biometric photos. More
6. VISA application form filled up, printed and signed by you ( You can apply here: )

When you are applying for a VISA on the above link choose “AIESEC internship VISA”.

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